Re-define your relationship with work and productivity and craft the career of your dreams.

Our next workshop is on Play & Creativity. We'll dive into the power of play to open space for new thinking and creativity's essential role in helping you start to re-imagine what your career can look and feel like.

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Re-Work is a movement.

It’s about redefining work and ambition and success on our own terms. To get to a healthy, less stress-filled place with the thing we spend most of our lives doing: working.

Have you ever wondered what your life might look like if you rested or even played a little more? Stepped just a little off the path of your day-to-day routine? Or entirely? We have. We had to as we healed from burnout and overwork.

Then we got curious. What would it look like for others if they did the same thing but with a bit of help? Easy: a movement to help creative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs explore new ways of being and working. To help re-work our relationships with productivity and re-define how we engage with the world. PLUS we could build a community of like-minded folks to do it with. Well, not so easy, but definitely worth doing.


But Why Re-Work?

If the past few years have taught us ANYTHING (and they have taught us almost too much), it’s that there’s more to life. More than work, more than hustle and more than the hours between 9-5. And a few of us have begun to push back against our culture of “hard work” and productivity as what determines our worth. We are finding new ways to define success and what a good life looks like. That is what Re-Work is all about.

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It Starts Here. Re-Define Your Path with Us

We want you with us on this journey. For you to tap into the Re-Work community and explore new paths in life and work with support, resources, and guidance. Become Re-Work community member by telling us a little about yourself. We'll send a quick note once you do and details on how to join our slack online community:

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    We’ll be sharing the good stuff only. Signing up guarantees you first access to information about future Re-Work in-person and online community experiences that will help you re-work your relationship with work, stress, burnout, and productivity. If you're interested in our corporate and team offerings, feel free to send us a note it's We're always happy to chat about how we can support your organization in re-working how your team shapes and crafts their careers.

    Re-evaluate, re-consider, re-define
    Re-think, re-establish, re-work

    About us

    And, Finally, In Case You’re Curious About Us, Our Story

    So… we both quit our jobs.

    That’s how this whole beautiful adventure began to unfold. We were tired and overworked. But we knew, could feel, and wanted desperately to be true that there had to be a better way. That the constant grind and push that we had been taught since childhood was what we had to do to “get ahead”, was not the only way.

    So we agonized and we struggled until finally we made a choice. We chose to step off the path of productivity, to challenge the constant exhaustion and pushing that our culture says is normal, and find another way. We rested, which made room for play, and through both we discovered new levels of creativity and possibilities for how to live and work. We learned A LOT along the way, not all of it easy (one of us STRUGGLED with the concept of play) and we want to share it with you to ease the path a little.

    Natasha Singh

    Natasha Singh, Creative Consultant
    Re-Work Founder

    Chantaie Allick

    Chantaie Allick, Writer & Storyteller
    Re-Work Founder

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